Why aren't we excited by Blu-ray?

The disappearance of HD DVD from the market was expected to give a boost to Blu-ray, but so far it seems we're are quite happy to stick with DVD and skip any hi-def alternative. Michael Bodey at The Australian reports that on the most recent sales figures, Blu-ray accounts for just 1.35% of the total Australian DVD movie market — despite the healthy sales of the PS3 (which sports built-in Blu-ray support), falling prices on other Blu-ray players, and gangbuster sales for high-def TVs. Why do you think Blu-ray hasn't taken off? Is the extra resolution not worth it? Are the blanks too expensive? Are you sick of constantly buying movies in new formats? Is it easier just to head to the iTunes store and grab a flick? Share your thoughts in comments.


    The same reason nobody (except for a "special" few) is throwing out their CD players on favour of SACD players - because there's little extra benefit. Same movies, high resolution - why would I replace my DVD player for that?

    Blu-Ray hasn't done anything for me. Hardware is expensive (I am an Xbox guy), I personally dont think the HD action is worth the extra money that its all going to cost. Sure, I have an HD plasma but with the money being spent on everything else Home Theatre related the last thing I need to fork money out for is a new player and new disks when, in my opinion, its just as good as DVD's.

    Do you remember, before HD came along, how everyone was miserable because of the poor picture quality of DVDs? No, don't remember that? Neither do I. I really think high definition is a solution looking for a problem.

    It's the same situation with digital TV, honestly the only thing that is even remotely attractive to me about digital TV is the EPG, and even that is not a "must have" feature.

    If you actually went out and asked people what they really want from the next generation of AV content distribution I'm pretty confident that the most popular responses would be things like "cheaper to buy", "more durable" and "downloadable from the Internet", "easier to use"(think unskippable warnings and DRM), but Blu-Ray is none of those things.

    Think about it, what's the biggest new phenomenon in video content distribution? It's YouTube, which is lower definition than TV has ever been since it was invented.

    I don't buy blu-ray movies yet because well... I don't have a blu-ray drive on my computer lol and besides that the media discs in my mind and in many other peoples minds aren't going to last that long, I mean their all well and good and all, but I prefer to be able to download the movie I paid for and be able to watch it right then and there, not have to drive there, then look for it and HOPE it's there(referring to some of the older movies), and then drive home with the movie. I think in the next two to three years their will be more digital media then discs being brought.

    HD is a complete ripoff. There's no way the average person can see the difference because you need a truly massive screen to notice. On your home TV, it makes no noticable difference.

    Number one barrier is clearly the price. Take for example Starship Troopers. $10 for the DVD or $38 for the Bluray. They're not even trying to be competitively priced.

    I will not buy BR movies until the price comes down. They are not worth the extra money.

    1stly I hoped that Blu-Ray would make Dual Layer discs cheaper....
    Ummm No!!!

    2ndly If Blu-Ray was cheaper than it is; I might consider it for data storage...
    Umm. Definitely Not!!!

    3rdly If the speed was good for burning data; again.. I might consider it for data storage...
    Hmmm Not Really!!!

    4thly I don't want to get burnt like I did with DVD-RAM
    Dammm expensive hardware & discs that wrote for 2-to-12-upto-48Hrs!!!
    Format was also pretty much abolished fast after I bought my kit!

    And that is about it 4Me!!

    I just think that Blue Ray DVD's are more expensive and with bargin prices on DVD's how can you not just keep buying them, plus the range is not as good as that of plain old DVD's that seems to be adding more and more old titles to the Library.

    But this was the same with DVD's and Videos.....some maybe eventually it will go the same way...no big rush :)

    They cost so much! It's amazingly expensive.

    I only import from Amazon, but I don't replace my old dvd movies. Just some new release movies.

    I only buy them cause I have the PS3, and I need to use it for something....

    I love watching movies on Blue Ray, I have a 42inch LCD with a PS3 and a 5.1 surround system, so it all works fine for me. Love the extra detail and clarity that you can get, i do, however, only buy movies i don't have on dvd, or have awesome action/scenery scenes

    1-Too expensive
    2-It's A well known fact Australians resist change
    3-Just another hassle, another format to deal with etc.
    4-Why bother, for just that little extra quality.

    I really like Blu-Ray over the standard DVD cause you consistently get a great picture quality and the sound especially is really good over what even good looking DVD offer. The cost of Blu-Ray for buying is significantly higher than DVD but I get my Blu-Ray from Netflix which it costs the same whether I get Blu-Ray or DVD version.

    Can't say I'm surprised that it's not selling...

    I mean, I've got a DVD collection over over 200+ movies, not to mention box sets of series etc.

    Am I going to re-buy all of those? No.

    Also, Blu-Ray shot itself in the foot with it's dodgy approach to standards, and functionality.

    I don't have a good sized hi-def tv because they're still too expensive. what I do have is a Hi-def (1920x1080) projector and a 92 inch pull down screen. I was able to get a good deal on these for around $1600. The difference between playing standard dvd and blu ray is amazingly significant. And, like Cusman said before, I just rent them from Netflix. Looking to get a blu ray duplicator (independant from computer) for about 700. Sometimes you just have to find the right job for the right tool.

    "I can hire a standard DVD for a few bucks from my local DVD rental store"...But I can't hire a Blu Ray"! therefore if you want to watch a Blu Ray DISC you have to buy it for about $50.00 now thats pretty expensive viewing. I think I'd rather save up for an Audi R8 (just dreaming).

    Blu-rays are for the picture perfectionists who would expect the ultimate viewing experience. Any evolution beyond this is meaningless as far as picture quality is concerned (who bothers about 200H TV?). So blu-ray may slowly supersede DVDs and do what Video CDs did to DVDs. However the main difference would be that, unlike VCDs, DVDs would always co-exist in homes even in distant future. That is simply because the upscaling mechanism of the High definition DVD players and blu-rays are too good, and they ended ordinary DVDs in superb colour and resolution.

    I own a blue ray player but I would never recommend anyone in Australia to purchase one. The main thing against them is that they not only have region protection which I as aware of for blue ray, but what I hadn't realised was that they have region protection for DVD's as well. So even though almost every DVD player is set to region free in Australia so we can by disks from Amazon etc none of them will play on my Sharp Blue Ray player. It's as if the clock has been turned back 10 years and we are limited to region 4 on everything. I would recommend a good up scaling DVD player for those with large flat screen TVs instead. The blue ray does do a lovely job of upscaling my Australian DVD's on my plasma screen but it's hardly worth the money given the limtations.

    To be honest, I am bored with the BD stuffs. I ve got an Asus F8Va with a bluray player and the program windvd BD for asus (as a bundle with the laptop) and at first it played only old bluray disk. Then after a short while and more recent BD disk, it didn't managed to update the AACS keys. Then after 6 months Asus finally published a new WinDVD which is finally capable of downloading the latest AACS keys. Now it has worked properly for 2 month and with one of my latest BD "Inglourious Basterd", it won't work at ALL !!! Even with the oldest ones. So the question is what are they doing in this american artist association with theire weird protection which are just disturbing the honest buyers ??? I am fed up with this BD / BD + / AACS /and so on stuffs which are just craps and makes my "brand new computer" (yes 9 month old now)useless. Please don't buy anything about bluray until they free up this. I also have friends with TV's full HD and Bluray player and they aren't able to open some of them even with the latest firmware in.

    Sorry but BD is all craps

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