Which Chrome Feature Do You Most Want in Your Browser?

Now that you've seen what Google's new beta web browser Chrome can do, do any of its features inspire lust? Or is Chrome yet another minimalist browser that will never live up to the high bar established players have already set? If you're a Mac or Linux user without access to Chrome—or heck, just a power user interested in Chrome's take on web surfing, tell us what features had you saying, "I wish I had that in my browser."

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Now that you've told us the features that you love, what's holding you back from moving to Chrome full-time? At this early point in the game my first answer is extensions. What about you? Tell us what you love the most—and miss the most—in Google Chrome.


    You know what's holding me back? the fact it imported all my IE stuff and not my firefox (which i actually use) which is fine, but ti's something I now have to do along with my toolbars and whatever else that makes firefox work for me. It's just extra time!

    Nope, not happy.
    Have only just installed it and played with it for five minutes.
    I quite the program and started work only to have my firewall pop up fifteen minutes later telling me that Google Updater is trying to access the internet.
    I thought I quit the program. Obviously the updater is still sitting in my processors.

    Back to Firefox. When I close that it actually closes.

    Auto Scroll, It didn't work for me.

    It might have worked for others, but they need to fix it so that everyone can use this simple feature.

    And some links were not visible unless I highlighted them.

    But so far that is the only two noticeable glitches.

    I tried it out on using VMWare for my Mac — Google chrome basically looks and acts like firefox + all the plug ins I have (only blue); and I don’t use Firefox because I prefer Safari’s rendering engine, more responsive UI, and stability — which Chrome also has. I don’t want any of these features in my main browser; I want Google Chrome for OS X.

    I'm running it in an XP installation in VirtualBox in Ubuntu. Played for 10 minutes. If the java script engine is as good as they say - I want that (does seem quicker but perhaps not radically so). I like the tear off tabs - feels good ( I know i can do some thing similar in the FoX but it requires clicking and menu selecting).
    Gears works really well - it does well in Firefox but this does all the steps (icon in quick launch!) seamlessly. Loved the Bookmark import - really everyone should get that to work well (even correctly identified my Bookmark bar).
    For a Beta - I say this is one of the best ever.
    BUT: if I can open multiple tabs in one go - forget it.
    What are all those ADVERTISEMENTS - give me my Firefox add ons.
    These will surely come but bring on the skinners and modders - Baby Blue! - give me a break.
    Well done Google - money well spent - and what genius business - Open Source (are you listening Microsoft).

    - Separated processes
    - Task manager including plugin data
    - Download status bar
    - Faster JS (can Firefox abandon their much slaved over TraceMonkey for V8 immediately?)
    - Automatic mining of page/site search forms and mapping that to a keyword in the location bar

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