Whereis Adds More Speed Limit Information To GPS Maps

Telstra's Whereis service has been pretty much trumped for desktop maps searches by Google Maps, but it remains the main provider of mapping information for GPS systems. So the addition of speed limit information for an additional 78,000 kilometres of roads in the just-released Whereis 15.1 is good news for drivers with lead feet traversing an unfamiliar city. The new release also boasts improved phonetic information for pronouncing place name information, though I suspect Gulargambone might still give it pause for thought.


    A few weeks ago i tried out whereis when i didn't know it has changed a whole LOT from a few years ago. It's actually really good (for bigpond users anyway) cause any free data helps when you have low quotas (25gb does not cut it). Not only that but it's very fast and snappy when zooming and moving around. I don't get the same quick response with google maps and images take more longer than a gen Y person should have to wait.

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