VirtualBox 2.0 Adds 64-bit Support, Updated Interface

Windows/Mac/Linux (All platforms): Free and open-source virtualisation tool VirtualBox recently released a 2.0 version that includes a few major upgrades. Most importantly, 2.0 supports running 64-bit operating systems, like Windows Vista and certain Linux distributions, on a 64-bit computer. Windows, Mac, and Linux clients have all gotten an upgrade in the looks department, and networking support has been boosted for Macs (improving its standing as a free alternative to Parallels and VMWare). Performance improvements for AMD chips is also baked in, so most users can find a good reason to upgrade. VirtualBox is a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.


    They've also (finally) set up a repository for debian-based distros (including ubuntu) for the non-OSS version - so you can apt-get install and apt-get upgrade it.

    And it works with new kernels in the guest OS, so you can run intrepid ibex or an OLPC liveCD - these failed with the older version I was running.

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