Try A Meatless Meal For National Vegetarian Week


    Let me know when national carnivore week rolls around.

    Is that vegetarian pepperoni I spy on the pizza?

    According to the recipe, it's "Vegie Delights Smoked Deli Slices".

    @ Lem - The good news is - all the other weeks of the year are carnivore weeks.

    Humans are meant to be foraging vegetarians, not carnivores or grazing animals. Being omnivores is optional! We are conditioned by our culture that meat-dairy foods, high in protein and fats, is the best for us. However, there is ample evidence that they are eaten in excess in the West and are the cause of many diseases. Not only is the environmental cost high, but the cost on our health system. Every nutrient can be found in plant-based foods, and the results mean greater health, and less impact on our ecology.

    I have recently gone from a vegetarian to vegan. Though I have plenty of vegan reciepies for the pizza base

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