Switching Banks Speeds Up, But Still Needs Paper

Money_small.jpgIf you've been put off switching banks because you don't want to have to mess around working out which regular payments need to get re-established, life's about to get a little easier. Karen Dearne at Australian IT reports that from November 1, banks will automatically provide a printout of direct payments made over the previous 13 months, making it simpler to check you haven't missed setting something up at your new bank. In these eco-conscious times, I can't help wondering why the list couldn't be sent in electronic form, but it's certainly a step forward from leaving you to wade through your own records.


    Well I reckon it's time to say goodbye to ANZ finally now after +20 years as a customer. This info will save me having to worry about switching.

    I've given them (ANZ) plenty of time to implement basic online features like email alerts, and two-factor authentication, but they seem more interested in sponsoring stadiums and designing custom credit cards...

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