SoundUnwound is Amazon's Wikipedia for Music

Web site SoundUnwound is Amazon's new music web site designed to provide comprehensive articles and information on bands, musicians, and their discographies and lineups. Mimicing Wikipedia's user-edited model, anyone can edit a SoundUnwound article; the main difference is that all changes are approved by SoundUnwound staff before it's included on the site. Beyond that, the layout of the site is interesting and will potentially provide lots of great information, allowing you to drill down into everything you'd want to know about the artist. Right now, however, the site feels a bit low in info, and considering the existing strength of Wikipedia as a go-to source for this sort of info, SoundUnwound's got its work cut out for it. If you give it a try, let's hear how you like it in the comments.


    You can already do this at sites like Discogs and Musicbrainz.

    SoundUnwound is superior to Discogs in that it has music samples via Amazon. It also has a nicer layout than MusicBrainz. As such it may be a better experience.

    There is also a search engine plugin for SoundUnwound that you can add to Firefox's search box, so you can search directly from your browser:

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