Sneak Peek- Top Gear Australia

We're on the home straight (sorry couldn't resist). With just 3 sleeps to go until Top Gear Australia graces our screens, another sneak peek has hit You Tube. If the preview is any indication, the local version of the popular UK program should make for entertaining viewing.

Hosted by colourful motorsports commentator Charlie Cox, Tele cartoonist Warren Brown, as well as professional driver and self confessed gun for hire Steve Pizzati, the show is set to feature all the best bits of the highly-rated hoon-fest, with a very Australian twist.

But what are we most looking forward to? How the frequently cash-strapped SBS will manage to emulate the British version's stunning visuals, over-the-top challenges and mind-blowing road tests.

Only time will tell.

Top Gear Australia premieres 7.30pm, Monday 29th September on SBS.


    If you go to you can also watch the trailer for episode 1.

    Wow. What an underwhelming video.

    It's almost as good as when the real Top Gear team attempted a jump.

    I doubt any decent car manufacturers are going to bother lending their cars to Top Gear Au. It'll just end up being a Ford vs. Holden contest - two American cars battling it out for Australian market share.

    I hope Top Gear UK remains on air...

    Meh, that's just a boring promotional stunt.

    Here's an actual preview of the show:

    I am with Andy. I think the show _might_ have potential, but i just dont think they will get the support from the industry. I doubt they will get any decent cars.

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