Skyfire Mobile Browser Adds Flash To Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile only: Skyfire, a browser for Windows Mobile that supports Flash, Ajax, and many media formats, has been released for public beta downloads with an upgraded 0.8 version. The biggest interface change is a Chrome-like universal address bar, which acts as search input when non-URL text is entered, but Skyfire also added one-click SMS sharing, which auto-shrinks URLs for text message space. Our sibling site Gizmodo points out that Skyfire out-races Safari and Opera's mobile versions on the web, but mostly because Skyfire's servers are pre-optimizing common pages. Skyfire is a free download for Windows Mobile phones only.


    wtf? WinMo has ALWAYS had flash. Good god, Jesusphone comes out without it any everyone assumes therefore NOONE has it??? give us a break, don't be too much like your giz cousins, lh!

    We like our Giz cousins :-) and I've certainly used Windows Mobile phones in the past that didn't support Flash -- but there's more to Skyfire than just that in any case.

    Windows mobile did have basic flash support from Adobe. But it only supported flash 6 or 7?. It couldn't play youtube videos or anything useful that I remember. They also never updated it, last time I looked.
    I wish I could test this new browser but I only have windows mobile 2003.
    Edit: this captcha is horrible heh.

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