Save the Planet with a White Roof


Weblog Machinist highlights a Berkeley study that says painting your roof white could just save the planet and reverse global warming. If you’re not ready to paint your roof white for the planet, maybe lower cooling bills will help.


  • This will just make the house feel cooler which can offset the carbon emissions used to cool it but this will not actually cool the planet by reflecting the suns radiation.
    Sunlight comes in as shortwave radiation and when it hits the earth surface or a nice reflective roof it is reflected as longwave radiation.
    The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will just re-absorb this and re-reflect it back down.
    We need to get rid of the cause of the problem and not dump a giant ice burg into the ocean to try cool the planet.

  • white paint does indeed reflect visible frequencies, very little visible light energy is absorbed badly by objects painted white. white paint does not change the frequency of the light it reflects it back into space. it is heat / infra red that is absorbed by carbon dioxide which is making the planet hotter. the less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or the more reflective the surface is the cooler the planet becomes

  • I thought the more white reflectors the better? Aren’t we being told that the melting of the (white) icecaps will acclerate warming as they will no longer be there to reflect heat back to space, thus warming the planet faster, melting more ice…….

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