Rudder Emails You Daily Financial Reports

Personal finance webapp Rudder wants to be your daily financial adviser—via email. Once you activate your account and feed it your financial data, Rudder sends you a daily email summarising your fiscal state of affairs. Rudder aggregates the balances of your checking, savings, and credit card accounts and lists them alongside bills you've got due. Rudder offers a projected cash flow widget called "What's Left", which factors in pay dates, bills, and credit cards to project your future income and assist in personal planning. One caveat: while the web site itself is encrypted and presumably your bank's web site is encrypted, email is inherently insecure. While an email from Rudder doesn't contain any more information than the name of the institution and the balance of the account, that might be more than you're willing to share with the nosy guy that works in IT reading your email. Privacy issues aside, Rudder is an automated way to get money updates without having to check multiple banking web sites by hand.


    This would be relevant to Australians how? Only supports US banks by the look of it.

    Sadly, like the other popular financial web app,, this is only available for US customers. If such an app ever comes out for AU, I'll be one of the first to sign up, no matter how badly it compares to the current US favourites.

    If the US military can accidentally release thousands of social security numbers, what makes us trust Rudder not to accidentally release all of our bank logons? After all, with that info, you can transfer information to any account you please!

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