Rockbox 3.0 Supercharges Your MP3 Player

Windows/Mac/Linux: Open-source MP3 firmware Rockbox has released its first major update in three years, adding support and stability for more MP3 players and playback of more file types. Rockbox has long been the best tool to breath new life into an aging MP3 player, from first through 5.5 generation iPods to iRiver, Sandisk, and Archos players (see all the supported players here). Rockbox features include support, album art, games, video playback, and tons more. Better yet, the new release comes with a streamlined installation tool called RockboxUtility that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and makes installation simple. With the latest release, Rockbox easily earns its spot as one of the 20 best iPod utilities. If you're a Rockbox user, share your favourite features in the comments.

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    I just hunted down two 1st Gen iPod Nanos on eBay to replace my Rockboxed 60G 5G :)

    Great Rockbox features include gapless FLAC and OGG support and, most importantly for me, controllable Pitch shifting. Some podcasts are best listened to at 135%, some at 160% - Rockbox makes that easy :)

    i love the crossfading feature
    and the ability to read (play) cue sheets so you can keep whole cds / mixes as they should be, but still skip to songs
    awesome stuff

    I purchased a Sandisk Sansa e260 from Catch of the Day some weeks ago, and after loading the player with music uploaded Rockbox- it's great! And I have the option of loading the original Sansa O/S if I want. 3.0 is a must!

    I have been using rockbox on my ipod video for a long time now and I love it. My favorite new features would probably be the MpegPlayer update, cuesheets, and easy installation of the games, themes, and fonts etc. Long live rockbox!! And hack the ipod touch and classic please.

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