Rigging up your car to use an iPod

Mark Gladding (who created previously mentioned Text2Go as his day job) blogs about the ways in which you can use an iPod for in-car entertainment, covering all the options from the extremely low-tech (listening through the supplied earbuds) Like Mark, I'd concur that it's a waste of money to buy an in-car FM transmitter; you're better off getting a replacement car stereo that supports audio input. If you want to keep your iPod in place, check out this DIY car iPod dock. Got any other tricks to get your iPod rockin' roadside? Share them in the comments. [8 Ways to iPod your Car]


    Well, I'm an Apple-phobic. Not just the Ipod variety either.

    I do use an FM transmitter in my car - both to play MP3s from a USB drive and to connect to my SE K750i for the same purpose.

    I've had crappy transmitters in the past - but my current model allows me to choose a frequency (rather than have half a dozen presets). At under $20, it certainly was cheaper than suggested in the article (model is similar to this: http://www.dailydeals.com.au/modulator-remote-p-12781.html).

    I'm happy with the sound given that I don't expect my car to have the acoustic performance of my home music set-up let alone reach concert hall standards. If HiFi is what you're after, you're wasting your time sitting in pretty much any car.

    Perhaps ear buds and a bus ticket would be a better combination?

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