Rentachook rents chickens for six-week trial

Rentachook.jpg Fancy a few fowl for the backyard but aren't sure whether you'll be able to maintain the commitment of feeding and egg collecting? Rentachook offers a try-before-you-buy option: pay $360 for a coop and two chooks, and if you decide that a life of chicken farming isn't for you, the chooks and coop will be collected and you'll get $220 back. (The site mentions a $100 fixed fee and $260 deposit, but the pickup fee of $40 needs to be factored in as well). Rentachook is Sydney only; if you know of similar ventures elsewhere, let us know in the comments.


    Or there's in Melbourne (google is your friend)


    I remember this being mentioned on Hamish & Andy's radio show about 3 months ago.


    This is too funny! Just yesterday I was told about another guy who does the same thing, called 'Chookman'. How odd that this would come up twice in as many days. I am in the market for chook's too.


    Odd. My wife is telling me about law in NSW which prevents this in most backyards. Must be x metres away from next door or somefink? Otherwise their poo would be great for the garden!

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