Ranking potential baby names by popularity

AngusName.jpg There's plenty of baby naming resources on the Internet, but the majority have a US-centric focus and thus discuss names like Liondrae that with any luck we won't see on Australian shores for a while. One useful exception is the Baby Names Explorer, which lets you see how popular a given name was in each decade over the past 100 years, using data from the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. My own name (Angus) has enjoyed a steady surge in popularity, and I'm pleased to see no Liondraes in sight. If you want to work out whether your future offspring will be the only child in their class with that name, this is a good place to start (though I implore you to resist the other trend of mindlessly mangling spelling to make a name "unique"). Thanks Sean!



    Im not interested in baby names because a little too young for that. BUT, that is a pretty sweet site.

    ANGUS FTW! =D my name as well =]

    I have to say.... this is the most useful name thing ever! I have searched for it several times, and in the end search for this site and hope for the best.
    Lets hope that they update it soon, as the lastest details are from 2006. I just love the graph and the fact that its Aussie.

    The link has changed:
    Is now:

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