PleaseDressMe Finds Specialty T-Shirts Online

If you're looking for the latest cool alternative tee, instead of checking Threadless, Busted Tees, and other specialty vendors, search them all at once at new T-shirt search engine PleaseDressMe. Simply search for a shirt by keywords (like fail whale or Obama), or browse by colour, price, or tag. Current tags range from things like "typography" to "american apparel," depending on what you're looking for. PleaseDressMe's selection is decent for now, but hopefully it will expand over time. What are your favourite online T-shirt vendors? Shout 'em out in the comments and help out PleaseDressMe with some ideas for expansion.


    My favorite online tee vendor is which i recently got turned onto. they're Australian so i can avoid paying international shipping prices the designs are pretty damn awesome too

      Yeah. Another good Aussie shop is - really cheap and sweet designs.

    My favourite Aussie site is - they have some really different but cool streetwear style brands.

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