Plan Your Software Freedom Day Activities

Saturday September 20 is Software Freedom Day, a global series of events designed to promote the benefits of free software (in the broad, open source, sense of the term, which fortunately coincides with "free as in beer" for most individual users). 20 Australian teams are planning activities for the day, ranging from a a community BBQ in Coffs Harbour to a a series of speeches and demonstrations in Melbourne. Whether you're curious about free software but find the thought of a command line scary, or you're a FOSS expert who wants to help others, find the event nearest you on the Software Freedom Day site.


    Hi, just to let you know Software Freedom Day is 20 September, not 20 October :)

    D'oh! You'd think I'd have mastered calendars at this age . . . fixed now.

    Thanks Angus for fixing it so quickly.

    Haiku Project Announces Availability of Haiku R1/Alpha 1 (14th September 2009)

    Also looking forward to user suited Syllable, AROS etc

    While free OSs have probably had too much emphasis in promoting free software to GNewbies, I believe even more that Unix work-alikes have had too much of the limited attention in the OS area. A lot of potential converts have likely been put off by trying an environment built by asperger's for asperger's.

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