PayPal expands local phone support hours

paypal_logo.gifOne of the hot-button issues which arose this year during eBay's failed attempts to make PayPal its sole payment method was the difficulty of getting hold of a real live person to deal with problems. That's still pretty tricky with eBay itself, but has just gotten slightly easier with PayPal, which has expanded its customer support line hours to 6am-10pm, Monday to Saturday. Have you found PayPal problems easier to solve on the phone than online? Let's hear your experiences in the comments.


    I found dealing with Paypal via Email impossible.
    I've found dealing with them on the phone wasnt much better BUT did get me a little further than email support.

    The few reps I spoke with not only confused my "case" with someone elses but I also had to keep directing them to thier own policy, found on thier site.

    I found the **easiest** way to deal with Paypal was to directly take my Paypal issue to the banking ombudsmen. They sorted my issue, via online and telephone AUSTALIAN support very quickly.

    My Bank also provided alot of "tips" for future Paypal use via online and telephone, AUSTRALIAN support.

    I found the **best** way to deal with Paypal is to not deal with them at all!!
    Personal choice based on personal experience.

    Dealing with PayPal on email just doesn't work. They don't respond. Dealing with them on the phone is mildly better, but you then have to put up with their sickly sweet American-style customer service, crackly phone lines and still get answers read to you from a script. Their systems are broken too. My account was recently restricted because apparently someone tried to get into it, so they asked me to link and confirm my credit card. Right, because that helps...

    Anyway, when I tried to add a card (there wasn't one attached to that account already) I couldn't because my account was restricted. Go figure. A week later they still havent resolved my email support request or reviewed the case like they said they would do on the phone.

    Ebay-PayPal has become the worst single business entity I have to deal with. Once this matter is resolved and I recover the $1400 of mine that they're holding, I will avoid them at all costs and that includes ending a business I started with the idea of using their platforms.

    Expensive fees, unjustified fines and policies, terrible, terrible customer service, disgraceful businesess with a complete lack of ethics, fairness and understanding of the people who built them into this huge and now disgusting company.

    Pffft! You'd have to be an idiot to use PayPal by choice. Their so-called buyer protection policies are illusory. Hundreds of people who believef eBay's spin that they would be covered when EBS folded have been left thousands of dollars out of pocket. PayPal refuses to sign the EFT Code of Conduct and is NOT SAFE! The safest way to pay is by debit card, then you at least have a real bank to deal with if you need to make a chargeback.

    The only way to deal with paypal is to report them to the banking ombudsman. Once you do they quickly resolve your problem. It is no use using emails or phone support as you are transferred to somewhere in America to some brain dead person who does not know paypal or ebay policies, and only use scripted replies.

    Ebay and PayPal are fine until you have a problem. when you do they do not want to help you.


    I have looked and searched to find out HOW to escalate a dispute to a claim. There is no link I can find to directly do this and they wont answer emails - so I'll do what they really want and just forget about it. Great hey.

    What a load of shit. PayPal "local" is some overseas call centre. They use a cheap broadband connection which is very poor quality. I spent 3 months trying to send them docuemnts after a fraud to get money back. They claim I have not sent them sufficent ID.
    Advice, avoid PayPal.

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    I have dealt with paypal over the phone a number of times, and found their staff to be borderline rude, and often very unhelpful. I avoid paypal wherever possible!

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