Notepad 2008 Brings The Office Ribbon to Your Text Editor

Windows only: Experience the popular ribbon user interface from Microsoft Office 2007 in your free, light text editor with Notepad 2008. Notepad 2008 most closely resembles the lightweight WordPad with the ability for users to change font sizes to format their text, but with the added options to customise the display of your text editor with one of three different appearances. The ribbon interface displays all features of Notepad 2008 onscreen so that no menus are needed. Notepad 2008 is a free download for Windows only.


    I've had to endure Office 2007 for a year now at work, and still can't work effectively with the Ribbon - it's totally alien to the way I work. I cannot make custom toolbars that can tear off and float where I actually need them like in the old versions, the Ribbon is huge, easily taking up the vertical space of three classic toolbars and a large number of the commands I need are hidden away in tabs that make no sense.

    If anything, the Ribbon is a major reason for me NOT to buy software, or even try it for free, and as a programmer myself, I am unwilling to punish my users by forcing that abomination on them. If I ever go from developing custom in-house applications to developing commercial products, one of my selling points will be that it is 100% Ribbon-free.

    And to those who accuse me of being resistant to change, I want to make it clear that I believe change is good when it is an improvement.

    In fact, there are some new user interface changes in Office 2007 that are useful, such as the preview of the effects of formatting, and the trackbar in Word to adjust the zoom.

    But after a year, I continually curse the wretched thing called the Ribbon, having actually found myself getting furious at it. My productivity in Office has been halved, and my stress level increased. HOW is this considered an IMPROVEMENT?

    Well, my work break is done. Time to go figure out where Heading 2 style got moved this week.

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