Nodevice Hordes Missing Drivers, Manuals

If you're stumped trying to find a Windows driver for your hardware (and you didn't back it up when it last worked), try Nodevice has a database of more than 30,000 drivers, and roughly 20,000 each of manual files and DLL files. Looking for something Vista-specific? Check out previously mentioned RadarSync. [via]


    I don't see what nodevice is doing that hasn't been already done by driver guide? linking to the manufacturer's drivers is not very useful for most people, because it's hard to determine exactly which driver you need. It's definitely worth it to use one of the driver update tools to ensure that you're installing the right driver. The best one is Radarsync (mentioned above as a vista driver library). It also has its own free driver update tool that identifies updates and provides the download links for them.

    Nodevice also collects manuals and other useful stuff.
    I found a manufacture's repair manual for my digital camera.

    This company is a scam. They give you the impression that you have unlimited access to their database. They limit you to 7 files per day. No customer service. AVOID THIS COMPANY.

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