Nigerian Scammers Getting Caught Is No Reason To Succumb

Nigerian Scammers Getting Caught Is No Reason To Succumb

NigerianSpam.jpgNigerian scam emails — you know, “I am the widow of the late head of Nigerian national bank and I need to smuggle $US5 billion out of an account, will you help me for a cut of the profits?” — make much more amusing reading than your typical Viagra-laden spam, but still need to head pronto to your email trash. Unfortunately, there’s a sucker born every minute who falls for this kind of con. Mahesh Sharma at AustralianIT reports on a rare scam with a happy ending: Queensland Police co-operated with the Nigerian Economic Financial Crimes Commission to apprehend a young man alleged to have bilked a Queenslander out of $20,000. While it’s good to know that not all online criminals get away with it, it’s always worth remembering the basic rule: no-one is about to send you a large amount of money for no effort. Don’t respond, just ditch it.


  • Wow, a dishonest African after money they don’t deserve and didn’t earn….these people are really damaging my – and I’m sure other people’s – perceptions of that country. I am so disgusted by all of their BS scammer emails in my inbox….the most recent line is that they are a US service person in Iraq (even though they speak horrific english and CLEARLY have no idea what they are talking about). This does nothing to make me want to claim that continent as the origin of my roots and even more makes me insist that I am NOT African-American, but rather black.

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