My Masterpiece turns photos into canvas prints

MyMasterpiece.jpgWhile you can always display your digital photographic triumphs on a digital frame, sometimes nothing trumps size and permanency. The My Masterpiece printing service puts your favourite snap onto artists' canvas and then onto a stretched photo frame, producing a ready-to-hang print to wow visitors or your other half with. While the results are impressive, they're not cheap (the smallest size comes in at $60). For some low-cost big picture wall-decorating alternatives, check out the album art wall or wire photo wall projects. Thanks Ben!


    I got pointed at Genius Printing ( one day who do the same sort of thing. From the looks of their prices, Genius Printing are cheaper.

    They also do "free samples", which is a 5" x 7" print (you upload the picture), not framed, with the word "sample" printed across the middle of it, for free including postage. We should be getting one arriving here soon, so I can see what their quality is like.

    They do have a WOW factor
    Taking the price into account I would recommend using some one that only uses OEM Inks

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