Microsoft Site Offers Guidance On Daylight Saving Problems

SavingsPatch.jpgDaylight saving in the majority of Australian states (NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT) has been harmonised this year to begin on October 5, which will doubtless lead to the usual calendar-related confusion. While Microsoft reflected these changes in patches rolled out back in April when daylight saving last stopped, there's bound to be a few machines that haven't received the updates (XP users might have to worry about Service Pack 3 problems, for instance). Microsoft has launched a site which walks you through the process of getting everything up-to-date if you have a Windows machine. The advice is tailored to your operating system, although the process is still fiddly: suggesting that you "scroll down and look for Update for Microsoft Windows (KB951072)" isn't actually very practical in a list featuring hundreds of similarly-named patches.


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