Microsoft Revamps Hotmail; Offers 5GB To Start

Does anyone except your brother-in-law still use Hotmail? Well, your brother-in-law will be happy to see that Microsoft's rolling out a fresh paint job on the classic webmail service that's speedier, better-looking, and roomier. You get 5GB of mail storage to start with the new Windows Live Hotmail, and then get 500MB more per month you hit your limit. I haven't logged into a Hotmail account for ages, but test-driving this new version I was impressed—it actually feels like Microsoft Outlook in a browser. (In my test I was using Firefox on a Mac, and it worked like a charm). The new look is rolling out slowly to all users; you can opt out of it by clicking the "Switch to classic" link on the lower left hand corner of the screen.


    You have got this wrong.

    What you are referring to is the old live mail service. This has been out for some time, and allows you to switch to the classic view. The new service which is discussed in the link below is completely different and doesn't allow you to switch to the classic view.

    Windows live mail has been out for ages. Craig is right.

    Does it even have POP yet? I sorta feel bad for Hotmail users, but really they bring this on themselves by not switching.

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