iPhone Owners Use Six Times More Data

iPhone Owners Use Six Times More Data

CommSec.jpgiPhone owners really are keener on browsing the Internet on the go than other people. As I’ve reported at APC, the average Australian iPhone browsing session lasts for a minute longer and consumes six times more data than a typical mobile phone owner, according to a study by Amethon Solutions. A lot of that arguably comes down to unintelligent browsing behaviour; using the mobile versions of popular sites — or the iPhone specific versions where they exist — will chew through a lot less bandwidth without noticeably affecting your experience. (And at the other extreme, choosing an iPod Touch instead will make it way easier to avoid shock bandwidth frenzy.) Has your iPhone data usage surprised you? Confess all in the comments.


  • I’ve been suprised by my iPhone usage- but not with it being lots, with it being not much!!

    I use my iPhone for the internet fairly regularly- twittering all day, checking emails a few times a day, and browsing the internet and youtube at least once a day for around 1/2 an hour.

    I use the internet more now then any other phone I’ve had, but with a gig of download, I can afford too…

  • According to my iPhone usage counter, my last billing period racked up almost 250MB. However, when my mobile bill came in from Optus it showed my monthly usage to be just under 100MB.

    Which one is correct? It will be interesting to see what my next bill says.

  • I’m not using as much as I thought I would either.

    Some of the reported increase probably comes from unintelligent billing systems as much as unintelligent browsing. Vodafone has a minimum data charge and session length so with push syncing for instance I have scores of connections over the course of a day all for 50kb and 5 minutes, when in fact only a couple of Kb have been transferred according to the phone meter. My iPhone meter reports about 60Mb so far this month, and according to Vodafone it’s closer to 100Mb. But still well within my limit so I’m not complaining too much.

  • I would happily use the iPhone version of websites (e.g., News Ltd website) but there aren’t that many on offer in Australia.

    I too was pleasantly surprised by my lack of data usage.

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