iPhone 2.1 Update Available from iTunes


    Just posted this on an Apple support forum: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=8076613#8076613

    iTunes 8 + iPhone 2.1 is a disaster.

    With the 2.1 upgrade, I could access Exchange email folders but calendar, contacts and email were all empty. That is, no data in them, and, in my phone favorites and call logs, numbers were listed without the previously corresponding names.

    Didn't work:
    -Deleting and re-adding Exchange account
    -Restoring to factory settings and adding Exchange account
    -Restoring to factory settings then restoring from backup then adding Exchange account
    -Retoring to factory settings then syncing then adding Exchange account
    -Trying to downgrade to 2.02 or 2.01 - unknown error - so I'm forced to restore 2.1

    So now I have no Exchange calendar, contacts or email. And I effectively have no mobile address book to call anyone.

    Apple screws it up huge again.

    Oddity: The only other person I know who upgraded to 2.1 at my office experienced a delay in having the Exchange data populate but then the integration started working. No clue why his case is different.

    Same to other Company and same to me that use Nuevasync
    First it come up 1of my 5 calendar then it hangs so i try to delet sync account
    Byt then everything is locked so have to restore my last backup and try again.
    The same problem again and this time I could not erase any in account I can't even go in to preferences
    Very smart Apple send out 2.1 on a Friday

    Update went well and initial impressions are very good.

    iPod update is nice.
    Everything seems snappier.

    was snappy originally, but then calling from contacts don't work.
    Perhaps apple should have update beta versions.

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