Instapaper App Saves Web Pages For Offline iPhone Reading

Instapaper App Saves Web Pages For Offline iPhone Reading

iPhone/iPod touch only: Instapaper Free, the iPhone app cousin of previously mentioned bookmarking tool Instapaper, lets you bookmark up to 10 web pages you want to read while you’re offline. That may not sound like an amazing feat, unless you’ve tried to keep a page open in mobile Safari and have it not try to refresh and fail when you’re not connected. The app uses a JavaScript bookmarklet—which, at this point, you have to manually tweak a bit—and the Instapaper web service to provide you with your reading. The one drawback (or possible benefit) is that pages are knocked down to a text-only, mobile-friendly view. Other than that, it’s a good way to ensure you can do some web reading on a plane or wherever you lack service. Instapaper Free is a free download for iPhones and iPod touch models running the 2.0 upgrade; the “Pro” version uncaps the 10-article limit.


  • I use this application more than any other on my iPhone. The pages it saves are also available via a personlised page on the Instapaper website, so it’s a useful tool for just bookmarking pages you want to read later – whether on your iPhone or computer. The tilt-scrolling in the paid version has proved handy for reading while standing on the train. No need to let go of whatever I’m holding on to just to scroll down!

  • I love this app. Before my iPhone, to do this on my Windows Mobile device I had to save a page in iSilo, then sync it to my device. With Instapaper, if I find a page I want to read later (say on the bus) I just click the bookmarklet and it’s available on my iPhone.

    @franksands – I’m not sure whether does this, but instapaper has a nicely formatted text version laid out for easy reading, but at a touch of a button you can view it in its original full web view.

    The only thing preventing me from upgrading to the paid version is that the screenshot shows a bottom toolbar, which isn’t present in the free version. I’d prefer more screen realestate, not less, so no upgrade for me for now…

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