How to streamline your online workflow

Medic and Mac enthusiast DrCris blogs at Applequack about how to streamline your interaction with Internet applications. One of the techniques she recommends involves using previously discussed Fluid (rather then the your main browser) for common online applications like Gmail:

Site specific browsers keep an independent window for the site of your choice. The advantage is that Fluid is independent to your usual browser, so if you get frequent crashes, it won't be affected.

Though the tips are Mac-specific, the same concepts apply whatever your preferred platform. Have you changed the way you work to make better use of Internet applications? Tell us about it in the comments. [Applequack


    I find I use one windows with all my organising apps such as GCal, RTM, and Gmail, and another window for the web project I'm working on. A few less tabs to deal with a lot less distraction for the actual context I'm working in.

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