How to plan for an overseas move

MovingTruck.jpg Blogger Mediamum shares the experience of planning and executing a family move from Sydney to Colorado in just eight weeks, including how to get rid of your excess possessions and choose what to ship, store and take in your luggage. One particularly notable point that often catches out travellers to the US:

We had three different estimates of how much we could take on board our flight to the USA. Syd-LA with Qantas said 32kg each bag was fine. What most of the Qantas people didn't tell us was that for our connecting domestic flight from LA to Denver, the limit is just 23kg. It sucked to find that out two days before leaving.

Got any tips of your own for shifting continents? Share them in the comments.


    The horror, the horror. I've been playing the intercontinental move game for several years now, and I'm about to do it again (Melbourne to New York, this time). Mediamum is right to advise paying close attention to baggage allowances. Checked baggage is a huge source of hidden value in these kinds of moves, but you've got to buy the right ticket. For Aus-US flights on Qantas, you get two bags

    Another fun tip: most airlines won't charge any extra for you to check a bicycle in an enourmous cardboard box. And you can fill it with every large and weirdly shaped item you didn't dare to stuff into your suitcases. Or just put all your winter sweaters in there. Nobody said it just had to include a bike. I've even had extra boxes like this checked in for free because the staff took pity on me.

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