How slow is your iPhone’s download speed?

While the recent iPhone 2.1 firmware update has improved matters for some users, the biggest factor in determining the download speeds you’ll get on an iPhone (or any other 3G data device) is the performance of the underlying 3G network. Over at APC, I’ve written up the Australian results from a study conducted by which asked users to submit their own speed test results. The average Australian download speed was a fairly unimpressive 759Kbps, and many users experienced much worse results. Have you been happy with the 3G network performance on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I have an $800 bill on the way from Optus for roaming in the US for two weeks. 90% of my traffic was WiFi, but they still managed to gouge me with a little help from AT&T. To sweeten the deal, they turned off my phone for two weeks upon my return because they were afraid I’d rack up more charges! This is despite the fact that I rang them and they said they’d turn it back on because I’d done nothing wrong. I’d definitely like to see some reparation for the world’s slowest 3G. Yay Optus!

  • Well I’m on Optus 3G for my iPhone and the latency is EXCRUCIATING! I ran the speed test at while in the CBD of Melbourne and received the staggering speed of 282kbps! Hurray! It’s no wonder that it sometimes seems quicker on GPRS.

    My data usage is frequent, but low. I use it mainly for web browsing and maps, not youtube or streaming audio. I’d use it probably about an hour a day on browsing and have used less than 150mb a month in the 2 months I’ve had it.

    The 250mb offered by Voda, and the 100mb from Telstra don’t seem so bad now…

    I wish I had stayed with Vodafone…………

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