How Aussies are getting better at money management


While the recent cut in interest rates is a welcome relief to mortgage holders, that hasn't stopped a flurry of newspaper coverage on how we still like to spend too much, save too little and whine about our super. But are things really that bad? Long-term surveys of Australians by Quantum Market Research suggests that despite the apparently inexorable rise of consumerism, most of us are quite confident that we've got it right. As analyst David Chalke put it at a recent conference I attended in Canberra while discussing the viewpoint of "average Australians":

They are not going to hell in a credit-fuelled handbasket as they stuff their McMansions with plasma screens in their increasingly unhappy lives. We've actually got a lot smarter at managing money.

In particular, Chalke noted that the majority of us have learnt to make intelligent use of credit cards, paying them off before any interest falls due. Do you feel that you've get money management under control? Educate us with your experiences, good or bad, in the comments.


    All well and good but I just wish web apps like Mint @ would localise for Australian versions. Many blogs and websites are doing this for Australia and I think that is great.

    I just wish some of the financial services of the net like Mint would localise for Australia. I understand it's hard because of having to finalise relationships with financial institutions but they pay off is in Australians using this great tool.

    CommSec and eTrade are great things in Australia for shares and such. ASX has an excellent site. We just need more financials sites because our current offerings are light on. If anyone can rebuke my argument I would be happy to be proven wrong.

    For :
    International support will start later in the year, first with Canada & the UK, then Australia/NZ, then Germany, France & Italy.

    Hi JayBee - your post was back in 2008, but there still is no access for Australia. Do you have any updates? Thank you.

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