Gmail Verification Number Proves Account Ownership

Gmail Verification Number Proves Account Ownership

What do you do when you’re locked out of your Gmail account for no apparent reason? Google says that since it asks for so little personal information when you sign up, verifying ownership is difficult when they’ve locked down an account because it may have been compromised. But there’s one interesting tidbit they offer for quick account restoration you may not have known:

Always keep the verification number you get when you sign up for Gmail. When you sign up for Gmail, we’ll ask you for a secondary email address and then email a verification number to that account. This number is the best way to prove ownership of your account, so be sure to hang on to it.

Most users probably toss that initial verification email, but this seems like a good reason to save it just in case.


  • I didn’t realize how important that verification code could be, and now I want it resent, as I cannot find it and DO NOT EVER want to run the risk of completely losing access to my Gmail. Can Google resend this verification code? Does anyone think they’ll consider adding a resend feature, since the code is so tied into security?

  • I’ve got big trouble with Gmail Forward message. I picked the forward a message I’ve just sent for all my friends in new year event and sent that message again for all people. One of my friend told me that he knew all of my friends’s email adresses beacuse I already sent all of them to him in the New year message.what’s wrong with this? That’s unfair and it’s really dissapointed me.

  • Don’t count on that code to be worth much. I have the code and all the original emails from when I created my GMail account. I’ve been trying access my account for ages, but to no avail, even with the verification code. I figured I’d see if GMail was an improvement over Yahoo Mail, but so far I think it stinks… Go Yahoo!

  • I have a problem, i can’t sand email’s from the gmail account- well i can receive but can’t send- i don’t have the code- what do i do? how or who do i call to try solve this problem?

  • Good question … no answer … how can we get that original code? Otherwise keep a list of frequently used email addresses. Google uses this to authenticate. I am tied to Google for too many things to be not resurrect a hacked account.

  • I was using verification code to open my account, everyday new verification code was sent to my mobile no. but unfortunetly i lost my mobile no and thus i am not able to access my account. is anyone who can help me? please

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