Gbridge Does Simple But Secure File Sharing, Syncing, And VNC

Windows only: Free application Gbridge sets up a virtual private network between any computer over the internet using your Google account as a starting point. Once set up, Gbridge allows you to share files, connect to and remotely control a computer using VNC, sync folders, and back up files to another computer. If you've got Google Talk/Gmail chat friends using Gbridge, the app provides the same functionality between your computer and theirs. It all sounds a little convoluted, but in effect it's actually a relatively painless way for anyone to setup up a VPN between computers, and assuming you've already got a Google account, it doesn't require you to sign up for anything else. The application could be a bit more intuitive in practice, but in terms of what it accomplishes, it's a winner. Gbridge is freeware, Windows only. Despite the name, it's not associated with Google.


    For a powerful, free and secure VPN solution Hamachi (see is well worth checking out. When combined with a VNC solution such as TightVNC you have an alternative to what this offering seems to be.

    This app breaks Media Center Extender and normal RDP connections

    Gbridge seems to be offering similar VPN solution as Hamachi, but it has built-in "tightVNC" in it so you do not need to install another VNC program to make it work. I also tried it with windows RDP, it works on my XP and vista machines and actually RDP is much faster than VNC based solution. (The problem of RDP is that I can not do it to my home machine which is behind NAT, with gbridge, it fixed that problem.)

    I can't see to view another users screen via vista? any idea how to fix it on vista?

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