Foxtel To Patch iQ2 Boxes With Extra Tuner Capability

FoxtelMini.jpgRecording one channel while watching another is one of the main advantages of a PVR like Foxtel's iQ2, and iQ2 owners will shortly be able to double their pleasure. The 'Four Tuners' software update, which Foxtel will begin automatically rolling out to subscribers from this week, allows two different programs to be recorded while a third is being watched live. I've got to admit there aren't many occasions when there are three things on that I want to watch, but it's good to know that the update capabilities on the iQ2 are being exploited early in its life. Can you find a schedule clash that necessitates recording two stations at once? Share it in the comments.


    Although, if you have pre and post padding on shows that are one after the other, multiple tuners are needed to handle the 'double up' (at least when using Windows Media Centre)

    Well I often wish for this on my EyeTV, (Live Digital TV)
    But not so on Foxtel as it is repeated so often anyway..
    So if there is by chance a 3 or 4-way clash on Foxtel,
    I check what's to be repeated soon after and catch it later..

    I'm really glad this update is now happening. I have actually had a number of occasions where I have needed to record 2 channels while have the ability to watch a third.

    For me Top Gear is a must-see weekly show and I have it series-linked, and for my wife the same is true of Australia's Next Top Model. There have been times when these 2 shows have overlapped and someone in the house is watching a different channel - currently a message pops up on screen and they either have to turn off the IQ2 so both shows can record, or as has happened to me they can select a show to record while the other does not (so they can continue to watch whatever they are watching)... I was not best pleased when I found out my Top Gear episode had not been recorded!

    I think 4 tuners will be great. The wife does not use the online EGP to search for the off-peak scheduling times for recordings, and tends to record in prime time causing programming clashes. Also, free to air channels do not broadcast multiple instances of programs. Before we bought a couple of free-to-air PVR's, we had a lot of clash problems, because the competing free-to-air channels slot their new releases and most popular programs into the same prime time periods.

    what rock did you crawl out from under, I have an IQ2 and regularly pre-record something for the kids, watch the news and record top gear.

    Well then, I assume you're using a secondary device, an additional Foxtel box or (less likely) got a machine with advance firmware, because it seems to me very unlikely that Foxtel would announce an upgrade for a feature that everyone already had and expect to get away with it.

    Until the release of IQ2 I was for the most part satisfied by the service and programming on offer. Recording clashes? Well yes, it happens often! You see I have a couple of teens in the home and my wife and I are very different in our tastes when it comes to television entertainment. So yes I welcome a third and more tuners “built-in”.
    However, it’s been 4 months since my IQ2 has been installed and today for the first time everything seems to be working as it should.
    I have had nothing but a nightmare of drama since the IQ2 was installed. It interfered with my broadband modem, it buggered up the standard IQ box in another room, it hasn’t work right since I got it. Complicating the issue is the fact that my broadband and Foxtel come in on the same wire. Each blames the other for the drama.
    So far, IQ2 has been a big step backward and it will take time for me to become even the slightest bit impressed with it.

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