Fix iTunes 8 Crash Problems in Vista

Many Windows Vista users have encountered a Blue Screen of Death after plugging their iPods into the new iTunes 8 release. If that's you, ZDNet's Ed Bott describes the fix: Uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support and iTunes, then grab a newly-fixed copy of iTunes 8. Thanks, Geek!


    I have not yet plugged my ipod into my Vista OS yet, due to the all the post I have been reading, have tried other techneques to adjust the issues, even tried purchasing an track to see if that would resolve the issues, but nothing has yet changed, my problems come straight from opening the app, every second track is high lighted in a different colour and playing one does not change this, it takes me to play a video file for it to resolve itself, but only for the time I'm using it, as soon as I open iTunes again, same problem, the problem can be manually worked around, but should I have to, come on Apple, sort this out!!!

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