ExitReality Builds 3D Sites On The Fly But Needs Work

ExitReality.jpg Windows only: Australian company ExitReality has been garnering lots of coverage this week with its self-titled 3D plug-in, which claims to turn any web page into a 3D environment. Exit Reality isn't the only company to have attempted a 3D online universe — Google's Lively is the most prominent recent example — and in its current incarnation, it needs some tweaking to really become a contender. The install process is a little clunky, and with ExitReality running, I found that Firefox didn't want to launch any other new windows. Site conversion is a fairly slow process, and doesn't necessarily produce meaningful results (I certainly wouldn't want to navigate Lifehacker using it). Sites with specifically built ExitReality environments such as Facebook were more coherent, but still harder to manipulate in 3D mode than normally. The navigation controls all worked as expected, but once the novelty of seeing sites broken into component pieces wore off, I was itching to get back to the 2D web. ExitReality is a free download for Windows systems only.


    I was also itching to enter ExitReality,
    1 to experience it and part-take,
    2 to create content for it.. I do a lot od 3D and have much content..
    Such a shame/suxz that it is Windows only..!!

    I mean I could always run it on my Parallels Windows Vista Ultimate,
    but what a hassle, really they should get their act together and support the Apple platform.
    I mean it is the graphics and design base system of choice..
    I do most of my work in Cinema 4D & Vectorworks on the mac platform and very little/just conversions in 3D Studio Max & AutoCAD in Vista..

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