eBay Offers Mobile Payments By PayPal

ebay.gifeBay is now allowing payments for auctions via PayPal on mobile phones (and holding a contest to promote the service). My personal view is that using any eBay-related service on a mobile is a potential recipe for disaster, since the one time I did my account suffered a still-unexplained security breach. If you've had a better time taking eBay mobile, tell us about it in the comments.


    The Reserve Bank should not allow this until PayPal offers real security and protection, like signing the EFT Code of Conduct.

    PayPal mobile is secure as PayPal on the web. Sign up, Log in, and Pay for your item or Send money to a friend. I have not had any issues with eBay or PayPal mobile. “PayPal standards either meet or exceed the EFT code of conduct. Its very handy, and safe.

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