eBay gets rid of Bid Assistant

ebay.gifeBay's doing some cleaning up around the site (and for once it doesn't seem to involve putting PayPal anywhere the designers can think of). One consequence is that the Bid Assistant, a feature which helps you place bids on multiple similar items until you win an auction, is getting dumped, apparently because of lack of use. The eBay announcements board has the details on how the feature is getting ditched and what impact there'll be if you are currently using it.


    Typical ebay. Charge for a service then abandon it. Just as they have done with the users who put them on the map. No thanks feebay. We abandoned you just as you did us. I currently sell on AlsoShop - www.alsoshop.com - along with a host of other alternative auction sites and have not looked back at the feebay beast ever since.

    eBay has become unbearable for so many reasons. Some sellers are regrouping at a new international auctions site www.auctions8.com & starting fresh where first 1000 to register get everything is free for life.

    www.auctions8.com is owned and managed by determined & hard working group of members to become a permanent and safe home for all.

    Site is for genuine sellers only


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