Dressed Up rents designer outfits by the week

DressedUp.jpg If there's a concept I personally find weirder than chook rental, it's the notion that you would rent an outfit for anything other than a wedding or a very formal awards dinner (and even those are marginal). Then again, everyone who knows me will confirm I'm no fashion junkie. If you do fall into that category, Dressed Up might appeal. You choose clothes from a list of designers famous enough that even I've heard of some of them (Wayne Cooper, Nicola Finetti), and then get them sent to you, complete with return courier bag. Payment is by the week, and you can keep the outfit as long as you want. With the sampling of outfits I checked priced at between one-quarter and one-fifth the sales cost, hanging on to them for a long time wouldn't make sense, but for a short-term solution, this could work out cheaper than just buying a new outfit every time you need to impress the boss.


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