Does Your Phone Need An Extended Warranty?

Does Your Phone Need An Extended Warranty?

02_NokiaN96_lowres.jpgNokia this morning announced that it is offering the option for phone owners to extend the warranty on their phones by 12 months under its Nokia Care Protect program, effectively doubling the coverage period for most models. I’ve always tended to resist buying extended warranties on electrical products, and it seems particularly strange in the case of phones, where many consumers buy a new model every year anyway. On the other hand, the prices aren’t too extreme — $13 for entry-level phones, $34 for 300-7000 series phones, and $72 for Eseries and Nseries smart phones — and there’s a case to be made for trying to get a longer lifespan out of your equipment rather than relentlessly buying new models simply for the sake of fashion. Where do you stand when it comes to warranty extension? Let’s hear your experiences in the comments.


  • I work at a prominent retail chain and majority of the time we send a NOKIA phone away for repair they come back unrepaired due to liquid damage. I realise a fair few might be the case but it seems to be a lot more than expected. If you paid extra for extended warranty and the same reason came back with your unrepaired phone id say youd be mighty annoyed. TV’s, laptops, home phones and other big ticket items i agree with extended warranty but i dunno about mobiles.

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