Digital TV Switchover Will Take Place Region By Region

Digital TV Switchover Will Take Place Region By Region

TestPattern.jpg Having recently complained about the haphazard approach being taken to Australia’s proposed digital TV switchover, it’s good to learn that Australia will be emulating the UK by adopting a region by region switching model, rather than the more drastic US approach of just switching off the analog signal and dealing with the chaos afterwards. There’s also a research project underway to ensure that digital reception works well in units and apartment blocks, reflecting the reality that we can’t all live in a freestanding dwelling these days. Switchover is still scheduled to be finished by 2013, by which time hopefully the ABC won’t be the only free-to-air broadcaster with a decent range of digital channels.


  • This is really good to hear, we are still happy using the old analog system for the time being. Having a gradual role over is going to be alot better then just uplugging the whole network at once. Still i guess it takes something like this to really kick start people over to a new technology and it also relieves the burdon on having to stream in to different formats


  • My problem is that my digital receiver doesn’t receive. I live in a townhouse complex with an apparent communal aerial. But for some reason my set top box can’t find any channels, and even VCRs do not tune in correctly (to get the VCR signal, the aerial connection has to be removed from the VCR, but to record something you need to put it back in and hope that it’s the right channel because the picture turns to snow).

  • Jason — you are happy with analogue, that’s fine, you’d be happy with a black&white tv or even ye olde wireless transistor radio, but technology clearly isn’t for everybody (how’s 14k modem going these days??) the only ones who gain from these delays are the community broadcasters like C31 who don’t have to upgrade their hardware until the cutoff.
    meanwhile, Australia has to wait until 2013 until digital really starts to offer any multicasting and higher quality programming.
    by 2013 there’ll probably be loads of cheap wireless IPTV and PPVoAC video rental.

    I’ve been using sub-$100 settopboxes for the last four years and enjoying the superior picture quality, program data and ABC2/SBSnews, but having just moved to a new rental property, I can’t get a decent signal on digital or analogue, so I’m forced to ditch the planned Tivo for Xmas, and switch to SelecTV satellite.

    the government should really mandate that all rental properties are required to have DVB-T access provided, but I doubt that will happen in the next ten years.

    Natalie — VCRs use analogue, if you can’t get a usable signal on that you aren’t likely to get any digital channels at all (it needs to be ~70% signal strength to get a picture); so you should do like I am and get satellite SelecTV ($30/mth) (or Foxtel if you can afford $100+/mth).

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