Desktop Takeover Embeds Rotating Images on Your Desktop

Windows only: Free application Desktop Takeover is like a rotating digital photo frame for your desktop, embedding user-defined images in an overlay on your desktop. The cool thing about Desktop Takeover is that it can embed several images at a time, and it can rotate the pictures from your hard drive, online photo sharing sites, or even webcams. If you've got a good eye for desktop customisation, there's a lot of potential for an app like this. The biggest drawkback is the 20MB+ memory footprint, so if memory is a concern it may be a pass (hopefully the big footprint will be reduced when the app leaves beta). Desktop Takeover is freeware, Windows only.


    @Murph - schedule John's Background Switcher to run when you need it via its command line options. Then it doesn't sit in the tray the whole time.
    DJRRJr and HobWebs - Ummm....ever heard of home PC's?

    It's a great idea. Exactly the way you would want to sprinkle photos all over your wallpaper, and then you can take them out. Very neat. Weel done. I'll try the webcams next.

    This program,"Desktop Takeover" is supposed to be FREE, but the developer has rigged it to self expire so they can sell a new version. When you click on trying the new version, its not free anymore.

    If you uninstall the new version and try to reinstall the FREE one, it wont let you. The developer has embedded code in your registry preventing you from doing so.

    Also, they have embedded code in registry to hijack your browser. That means, your browser will always go to their web page when you open your browser.

    These unethical practices are unacceptable and should not be tolerated by anyone. These practices of controlling someone's computer so they can not reinstall something that was free or where their browser is redirected without them being able to stop this action, is irresponsible and an infringement on personal property.

    Do not download this if you want to keep your computer safe from this developers mischief!!

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