Customise Windows’ Start Menu Folders

Customise Windows’ Start Menu Folders

Windows only: By default Windows includes your “My Pictures” and “My Music” folders in the Start Menu’s right column, but you can change those defaults to folders you use more often using two handy VB scripts. The replace My Pictures VB script and the replace My Music VB script each do just that. Right-click each link to save those files to your PC, then double-click to run them. Enter the new path you want to appear in your Start Menu (even a network location, like to a shared music folder), and then you have to log off and back into your PC to see your changes. Behind the scenes, these scripts are editing your registry; if that idea makes you nervous—and it should—then do pass. I tested both successfully on my machine. These scripts are part of a huge library of Windows VB script tweaks; have a look at some more at the Kelly’s Korner web site using the link below. For more fun with useful VB scripts, see the screensaver away message.


  • Those are awsome tweaks, the chnage the My Pictures Folder and the change My Music Scripts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love for you to make more scripts for My Videos. Does anybody know where I can get the terminal font?. I know it is limited but I also know that it is possible, I am just not a fonts expert and I can’t seem to understand the basics of fonts, but I like the terminal font and want to use it more for the apearance of my Windows XP Professional. Have a good day.

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