CrossOver Chromium Ports Chrome to Mac and Linux

Linux and Mac OS X only: Enterprising open source developers have beaten Google to the punch and released a Mac and Linux port of Google Chrome's open source code base, Chromium. CrossOver Chromium offers a native install for Mac and Linux users, but don't get too excited—the developers don't recommend that you use CrossOver as your main browser, and in fact, they call the release "proof of concept" more than anything else. Indeed, my brief testing with Crossover on the Mac was disappointing—it doesn't have the smooth look and feel (or all the features, if I understand correctly) of the official, Google-released Windows version. Still, for Mac and Linux users dying to give Chrome a test drive, it's a fine place to start. CrossOver Chromium is a free download for Intel Macs and Linux.


    Another success on the part of Google with Chrome. Their intent was to stimulate the browser ecosystem and to open up the opportunity for developers world-wide to contribute.

    Congratulation Codeweavers, you've made a lot of Mac and Linux users happy today.

    And good job Google, your "do no evil" plan is working....

    Like the quote "Life will find a way" from the movie "Jurassic Park" it seems that "Chrome will find a way".

    Michael Adams

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