Catalogue Central Lets You Browse Store Catalogues Digitally

CatalogueCentral.jpg Online shopping often reaps bargains, but for some categories of goods, it's always going to be hard to beat big-box retailers. Catalogue Central Catalogue Central offers digitised versions of current catalogues and sales brochures from a large selection of stores, including Big W, K-Mart, Myer, Officeworks and Dick Smith. It's a relatively easy way to flip through possible bargains without having to give up the 'no junk mail' sign on your letterbox, though a search that's more detailed than just broad categories would be nice (if unlikely). For a similar concept with an added social networking layer, check out previously mentioned u.Lasoo.


    It is annoying having to fill in these boxes all the time

    Apologies for that -- unfortunately if we don't have some system like this, the spam comments come flooding in and slow the server to the point where the whole site dies.

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