Businesses still not keen on social networking

FacebookClip.jpgIf you're hanging out for your boss to unblock Facebook at the office and start using it as a communications tool, you might be waiting a while. An survey of 500 executives by Avanade found that 60% had no plans to integrate social networking tools, even though the majority recognised that incoming staff were likely to want access to them. The main justification offered was a negative impact on productivity, an excuse which increasingly lacks credibility (especially if the alleged time wasters have Net-enabled mobile phones anyway). What excuses does your company use for banning social networking sites? Tell all in the comments.


    Hi Angus,

    While productivity is mentioned as a fear by "more than half" of the respondents, that's not the main justification given:

    "The key barriers to adoption of social media technologies are:
    • concerns about security (76 percent);
    • senior management apathy (57 percent); and,
    • fear of using unproven technologies (58 percent). "

    These findings are similar to those of a survey I managed in 2007. Not much has changed it seems.


    Productivity worries come in fourth.

    Interesting that most companies still don't get it. Contrast this with Deloitte's approach:

    Deloitte did a big Deloitte Film Festival YouTube campaign with their employees creating the content.

    Well out in front compared to most.

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