Build A Computer Desk From An IKEA Door

IkeaDoor.jpg Notebooks might be getting smaller and more common, but it still helps to have a decently-sized work area. IKEA Hacker outlines how Jonas upgraded his computer desk by using a cabinet door as a work surface, providing a large, high-gloss surface. This particular furniture hack used a Pax cabinet door, but you could go ultra-cheap by checking for discarded doors in the As-Is section.


    I did a similar thing with a 2400x600 kitchen benchtop from Bunnings ($246), and 4 $10 legs from Ikea. Having the laminate benchtop is much easier to keep clean than bare wood.

    Love the look of that, if only the tabletop was a bit deeper it would be perfect.

    Love the idea! But I need closed storage atop the desk (hutch style which is too expensive)for books/paper galore. And none of those open baskets, fabric boxes or wire shelves (yuck). So how about hacking that idea.

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