BigPond Adds Twitter Support Channel

BigPondTeam.jpg Telstra's BigPond Internet division has added a support channel on Twitter, allowing you to raise problems through the popular social network. Though most of the responses to date seem to effectively devolve to "a BigPond consultant will email U back", it's another weapon to keep in the support arsenal.


    its good but what about time frames

    Internode and IINET has one too

    Internode's is a news feed rather than a support channel though, and iiNet doesn't seem to have been activated yet . . .

    IINET and Internode will only use it for news announcements. Some of the customers use whirlpool as the point of contact and faux unofficial support service. You still need to ring support for any important issues.

    Twiiter not exactly ideal for support service. It be a more of a "You tweet us. We'll call you soon to investigate"

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