Next G train torture test no problem for YouTube

After a quick change of cabin necessitated by a non-functioning power outlet, the Next G train torture test is fully underway. The most surprising result so far? The ease of using YouTube. Watching videos wasn't such a big surprise, since YouTube has pretty decent buffering. However, I was impressed that uploading a file — a process that's often painful even on my home office connection — was also trouble-free. You can see the resultant video tour of the 'first class roomette' on the train above (warning: seriously amateur camera work).



    Seriously, I wouldn't mind catching the train interstate if I had my own private cabin, with power and wireless. In fact, I think I'd prefer that over catching a plane.

    It would be 10 or so hours of relative solitude where you could just work without interruption. Productive heaven.

    Wow... roomy!

    It looks comfier than an economy seat on a plane, especially for sleeping. If you sit in the comfy seat and stretch your legs out do your feet reach the wall? In the video it really doesn't look big enough to lie down in.

    Any option to filter out the Australian posts?

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