3 To Add Internet Downloads To Prepaid Caps

ThreePhone.jpg3 today announced that when it next updates its prepaid capped phone plans, they will include not only the usual fixed amount of voice calls and texts, but also an Internet browsing component. That makes it, in my estimation, the first Australian telco to make browsing on a regular mobile part of its standard set of consumer prepaid cap plans. Several iPhone plans have included a built-in download cap, but not all, and it’s rarely a feature on most other mobile plans, with data access being sold either casually or in blocks. The 3 plans aren’t uber-generous — the entry $29 plan includes 150MB of browsing, the top-level $99 plan includes 2GB — but it at least suggests that mobile browsing may become more common for non-iPhone users, unlike the present reality.
Strangely, while the new 3 caps go on sale September 28 (hence no full link yet), no date for when the Internet browsing component will become available has been announced. A spokesperson confirmed they won’t be included initially but will be added “late this year”, so if that sounds like a tempting offer, you might as well hang onto your current phone and wait until it’s a concrete reality.


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